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I need to start writing again. My memory constantly fails me and I should probably put in the effort to preserve my thoughts and actions, as my brain doesn't always cooperate with me.

Today was good. Worked a morning shift with Alyx and Jay that went by very quickly, then headed over to DJ's house. Jax and I hung out there until about noon, then went home to nap before I had to be back at work at 2:30. I got to go on an outing with Alyx, which was fun. We were supposed to go to Midget Links, a mini-golf course, but it was definitely not wheelchair accessible. We drove around instead, heading across the river to Audubon State Park where we saw two deer. That was pretty cool- it didn't seem too afraid of people and only really noticed us when the van's brakes squealed. Now I am at home, relaxing for a few before I start on my homework.

I should also probably take the time out to process what is happening at home. Ajax's transition isn't really that big of a deal to me and I don't always notice the changes as they progress at a fairly steady rate. I was a bit apprehensive about everything at first, but Jax is happier and more confident than he was before and if it's what he needs to do, then he needs to do it. I'm in love with the person that Ajax is, not the body that Jax is packaged in.

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